"Meal Planner, Nutrition Coach, Real Woman".

I am Wanda du Toit, founder of MamaWanda. I am married to Chris du Toit for 29 years and have 3 beautiful children, Kylie 26 years (married to Warren), Ryan 23 years and Gaby 19 years old.

I have had many health battles to conquer, and have been on a 36 year journey to heal as naturally as possible. I enjoy challenging problems and to help everyone achieve their full potential.

I am a simple woman who is passionate about gut health. I keep things simple and make life as easy as possible while understanding that we live in a busy world. My meal plans, recipes, vitamins, gut products, food supplies and support is made with “convenience” in the back of my mind at all times and for all woman.

This Mama can Skype, Facetime or Whats App Video Call to facilitate the consult, or meet face to face in Durban, South Africa.