The Harvest Table

Collagen Powder Marine

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Marine Source. Sustainably Fished.

The Harvest Table’s 100% pure, Marine Collagen is made from wild-caught Cod harvested from the crystal clear waters of the North-Atlantic Ocean using MSC certified sustainable fishing practices.  Containing both types I and III Collagen this product will assist with the repair of your skin, hair, nails, joints and ligaments.  The results will be thicker hair, stronger nails and fewer aches and pains!  This is a great option for people who prefer not to consume Collagen made from Beef.

Mix 2 tablespoons per serving into coffee, water, a shake or your favourite smoothie.  You can enjoy more than one serving a day.

The Refill Bags are made from wood fibre cellulose and are 100% Compostable according to European Standards. EN13432. Certified Compostable.

The Marine Collagen Powder is certified Halal.